Game 3

Game 3: (Take Us) Outside

The QuikNotes placeholder version goes as follows:

There's a large breakfast table and the group takes advantage of the hospitality by stuffing themselves and heading out to the caravansary.

The group meets up with both Iceeater and his second-in-command, a southerner named Yasmin, who seems to be working also as the chief quartermaster for the operation. Slaves who'd been brought up from the south and east are being re-quartered and mercenaries slightly disguised as slaves are loaded into large carts which are themselves being prepared for combat. 

Rear carts are loaded with scrap and raw materials which Konta takes advantage of – she makes a scarf for Yasmin one night and will eventually use the barest scraps of cobalt and other materials to make fireworks later. 

Penge rolls high successes (5) for investigation of the guild.

During the nights, guard detail is extensive, though there's a nearly festive atmosphere. At the tail end of the last night before descending into the relatively shallow chasm that marks the best ambush point, the group rolls decently on survival in order to bed down behind the camp before it moves forward and the ambush is set. 

The next morning, the caravan sets out without the group, which hangs behind several hours before starting out. Iceeater's guess is correct, and using magic, the group is able to see in good detail the ambush before it happens. The ravagers split up and the group moves to head off the front.

Addressing the leader through a combination of performance and socialize and the help of Konta's fireworks, Dead Flowers manages to cause dissension in the ranks, which are already inherently disorganized. It seems as though Flowers might be able to cause the ravagers to leave or even change fealty (so long as their new, primary motivations aren't altered too drastically) but Konta realizes the scope of the ravagers' previous deeds and holds the leader directly accountable first, starting combat by surprise and, more or less, melting their leader's face off with agg damage from Forge Gauntlets. (Causing Konta herself a great deal of emotional trauma and surprise.) Meanwhile, the fight had already begun at the rear train of the caravan, but the dramatically increased mercenary numbers and surprise assault from the caged carts easily demolished the rear group.

The caravaneers then  rushed up the hill to do battle with the ravagers who were now in complete disarray, having lost their leader. Those that stayed died, though many simply fled. The result was a complete rout in favor of the Guild forces.

The group then made its way to the meeting place by the lake between the mountains to exchange information with the Icewalker tribe negotiator, which Iceeater and Yasmin took care of, though the information of a shadowland demense to the north which had been forbidding for generations but now saw concentrations of ravagers passing through was passed along. The group then proceeded home where Konta was awarded the ice ship she had been promised by the Factol before they left. 

Total EXP: 12

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