Cannibal Winds Ego

Cannibal Wind or The Cannibal Wind

Supposedly a god or another kind of spirit roaming the northeast near Lujang, many reprehensible and disconcerting deeds have been attributed to the entity either directly or by proxy.

The Guild Factol in the area has asserted that The Cannibal Wind has been responsible for waylaying multiple caravans and causing the loss of significant revenue (as well as loss of life). Tear Eater barbarians have been harassed into crossing deep into the Lujani province, sparking tensions, and many were inspired to acts of cannibalism and intensified ravaging of the countryside by both dire circumstance and the urging of the spirit itself.

It's speculated that the ravagers who raid on behalf of the wind are driven to madness by the Wind, but the spirit has not been seen directly leading them. The Cannibal Wind's Ego seems to be made angry by specific hierarchies, or else targets leaders for destruction, according to multiple accounts. Sympathetic raiders to the Cannibal Wind have taken up residence in a dangerous local up north which appears to be a demesne surrounded by a shadowland. 

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Cannibal Winds Ego

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